Get Smart With Your Medication

DoseSmart is the better way to ensure patients take their pills on time, every time. DoseSmart Inc.’s patented technology provides a simple three-part solution to a complex problem of medication non-adherence.

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DoseSmart medication reminder app with smart bottle




DoseSmart has developed a patented and portable Smart Pill Bottle that stores, dispenses and tracks prescription medication. The device is designed for both Patient adoption and Care Team Support

Smart Pill reminders App


The DoseSmart app, is a fun and easy to use mobile reminder system. Set your alarm & get reminded via text, phone calls & email. You can customize the reminders for the alerts that best suit your needs.

Pills reminder platform, reporting and analysis


Our web interface gives extra features for reporting & analytics for clinical trials and research organizations. See live data on 1000s+ of your subjects & get notifications when a subject misses a scheduled dosage.

DoseSmart medication reminder app with smart bottle

Take control of your Medication 

DoseSmart is the revolutionary way to ensure you remember to take your pills on time, every time. Download for free on iOS today, set a schedule and get customized medication reminders to alert you in time to take your medication. The DoseSmart app can be used with or without the Smart Pill Bottle. Don't miss another dose, get DoseSmart today!

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Add each of your medications to the DoseSmart App, and then create custom schedules for the time, day and dosage you want to get reminders for.



Customize your medication reminders, from mobile app alerts to texts, emails & phone calls. Or if you have the DoseSmart dispenser, on unit it beeps & flashes.



Once you have taken your medication, tap the "take" button, and the app will log your action, allowing you to maintain a record of your past actions.

DoseSmart App Medications and Schedule reminders

Add your medications
and Schedule reminders

Smart medication schedule app with bottle dispenser

Track today's medication usage

Smart pills app charts, analysis and history

View and analyse your adherence history


DoseSmart provides a 4 stage reminder system. Starting with an alarm and notification, followed 15 minutes later by a SMS text message, then an email at 30 minutes, and finally a phone call after 45 mins. If you take your medication at any time during this process, the reminders will stop, so you will only get only the reminders that you need.

People Love DoseSmart


"Great App & Device!"

Brilliant idea and a must have for anyone taking medication of a daily or weekly schedule

BerrywoodmanJC - via iTunes Store

"Really helped me"

I am one of the Beta Testers and it has been awesome at keeping my adherence level up.

KarthikKar - via iTunes Store

"Amazing App"

This app is so helpful when trying to organize my medication. Love it!

CookieNo - via iTunes Store


DoseSmart - Smart Pills Bottle Cap

DoseSmart connects wirelessly to your iPhone, and syncs with the DoseSmart companion app to record each time that you take your medication.


The DoseSmart unit is compact and highly portable so that it fits comfortably into your pocket or bag, to meet the needs of you "on the go" lifestyle.


In addition to receiving reminders on your mobile phone, the DoseSmart pill bottle will also glow to remind you when it is time to take your medication.


The Smart Cap last for approximately 60 days and is easily recharged using USB-C cable.


DoseSmart - Smart Pills App and bottle full solution

Non-adherence is a $300b Billion dollar problem.

We have worked with leading health organizations to build a platform for increasing medication adherence.

Built for the patient

Adherence history
Medication Reminders
Data Export to Medical Professionals
Assistance with multiple medications
Improved adherence; better health outcome

With Physicians in mind

Low Adherence Alerts
Feedback on Patient Adherence
Ability to intervene for low-adherence
Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS)

Medication and pill reminder dashboard on laptop

Provider portal

The third part is a web-server driven data storage, presentation and analytics solution. Key user groups will include care team, clinical research support, biopharma, and personal (authorized) support networks. DoseSmart automatically sends data to servers in real-time, and the system contacts the patient as soon as the dose is missed, using the scheduled reminders described above


Easily add all your weekly medication schedules using either the app or web platform to receive medication reminders and track adherence solution.


Use the DoseSmart Smart Cap to automatically track medication usage every time that you open the bottle. 


Low cost solution at retail cost of only $39.99, Including the smart cap, wireless charging unit, USB charge cable and free pill bottle.


There are multiple reminder options available to the patient, ranging from simple alarm notifications through to phone calls and texts.


Every medication tracked with the DoseSmart app or Cap is recorded providing adherence rates, and available for review in your patient history.


Quickly set up your medications in the DoseSmart app, and get up and running in minutes, and easy to use Smart Cap.


  • What is the DoseSmart Cap?

    The Smart Cap is a Bluetooth-enabled pill Cap that glows when it is time for you to take your medication. The Cap transmits your adherence data to your Smart phone on each “take” reducing the need to interact with a mobile application.

  • What comes in the box?

    •   1 DoseSmart Cap
    •   1 Centor One-Click bottle
    •   1 USB cable

  • Is it easy to set up?

    Yes, the app and Bluetooth wireless technology make it simple to setup. Download the app and add a medication schedule and follow the prompts to set up your Smart Cap.

  • Is the DoseSmart cap available now?

    Yes, please feel free to contact us at for more information.

  • Any additional fees?

    No only a one time payment of $39.99. No additional chargers or subscription fees.

  • Is DoseSmart available for Android?

    Yes, the android version is in the Google Play store

  • Privacy Policy?

    The personal information you provide to us through your use of the Application is governed by our Privacy Policy. A complete statement of our current privacy policy can be found on here. We may update our policies and practices from time to time at our sole discretion

  • Is my medication data private?

    Absolutely. DoseSmart is HIPAA compliant

  • What is the DoseSmart application?

    DoseSmart is a free, fun and easy to use reminder application to manage and travel all your medications.

  • Do I need a “Smart Cap” to use the app?

    No the mobile application can work with or without the Smart Cap.

  • How do I set up a medication schedule?

    1.   Go to “medicines” tab
    2.   Hit the + plus sign in the top right hand corner
    3.   Fill in the information and hit save

  • Can I customize the reminders I receive & when I receive them?

    Yes, absolutely.
    1.   Open application
    2.   Go to settings
    3.   Go to notifications
    4.   Adjust accordingly to your preferences 

  • Can I download my medication history to send to my Doctor?

    Yes you can from our website
    1.   login to the website
    2.   Go to your “history” tab
    3.   Press “export data” in the top right hand corner  

  • Can I add a caregiver alert?

    1.   Yes login to the website
    2.   Go to your “Caregiver” tab
    3.   Press “add caregiver” in the top right hand corner
    4.   Enter required information and press “confirm” 

  • How can I reset my password?

    In order to reset a password, please follow these steps:
    1.   Open the app or website
    2.   Tap on “Fortgot password” in bottom left hand corner
    3.   Enter the email and you can reset your password 

  • How do I edit my medication schedule?

    1.   Tap on your “Medicines” tab in the navigation bar
    2.   Press on the medication name that you would like to  ‘Edit’
    3.   When you are done with editing, press “Save”

  • How do I delete a medication schedule?

    1.   Tap on your “Medicines” tab in the navigation bar
    2.   Swipe the medication name that you would like delete to the left
    3.   Press “delete”


If you have any questions not answered above, about the app, or when the DoseSmart bottles will be available, or if you have encountered a problem or have any suggestions for future features we would love to hear from you. Feel free to contact us in the contact form, or by email/phone using the details below.

San Francisco, CA  

P: +818 618 6375